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April 1, 2015 / iainnd

April fool, she’s been livin’ in her uptown world

Ah yes, April Fool’s day, a day reserved for buffoonery and falsehoods. However, this year I feel that partaking in these shenanigans would be a disservice to the loyal followers of my Personal Brand, who expect nothing but quality content from me (Iain). So join me now won’t you, as I post some of my all-time favourite memes, in my neverending quest for the Good Shit. morpheus

Right off the bat, here we have a good as hell meme about the Matrix. Tell me you can’t hear Morpheus’ excitement about these mani AND pedi wraps! It’s so in-character. As a man who spends half his time in a simulator where he can look however he wants, and the other half in a harsh dystopian future where resources are scarce, Morpheus is known for loving mani-pedis. These wraps (not pictured) will save him so much time – and money! – and would have truly come in handy for him within the plot of the movie. What a meme!


Now here’s a classic. Olivia, the four year old girl from the show that aired from 1984 to 1992 is well known for her love of texting. When she wasn’t eating or sleeping, then buddy you better believe she was constantly messaging her friends on her smartphone, in 1989. But for her to text instead of sleeping? You just know something’s up! Just imagine this four year old staying up all night texting someone – folks, that person just HAS to be special to the girl, who is four, and texting, in the year 1989. Good meme.


Not really a meme per se, but boy howdy, who doesn’t remember ol’ Bill Lumbergh from Office Space, whose stapler was constantly being stolen. Big ups to the creator of this A+ meme, who has definitely seen the movie. Meeeeeeeeeme!


Here it is, ladies and gentlemen. The holy grail of memes. Meme-o supremo. In a superb two-for-one deal, here we’ve got the timeless classic “I see what you did there” (never gets old, let me tell you) seamlessly integrated into another beast of a meme, The Man Who Is Interesting Because Sometimes He Drinks Beer. That’s good value, I don’t care where you shop. There are a lot of ways this could go wrong. A lesser memer would have clumsily combined the two phrases into a nonsensical mess. But some blessed Meme King has pulled this off, carefully arranging the words into a combination that flows in a manner definitely resembling a normal human being speaking English.


I’ll admit that the quality of this last one isn’t on par with all the above treasures, but it deserves an honourable mention. See, I’m a REAL 90s Kid first and foremost, and nothing tugs at my nostalgia strings like bringing up distant memories of watching a cartoon that’s still airing. That’s why I couldn’t just pass by this gem of a meme (geme of a meme? gem of a mem?) featuring the Captain from Spongebob Squarepants who would greet us at the beginning of every episode asking if we were ready, pictured here talking about how he very, VERY rarely ever asked if we were ready. Yes indeed people, this meme has a special place right in my dang heart. Truly, meme for the connoisseurs.

Well ladies and germs (LOL!), that’s it from me. I’m off to submerse my horrid self in a bathtub filled with the worst and rudest garbage, but until next time – Keep Calm And Meme On!

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